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patterns - rear end brackets for hair pins - someone give me a test print

I'm not sure what you're asking for. Do you need someone to print it out for you and mail it to you?:confused: Or just see if it prints out.
Okay, I got your PM. Sorry my printer is down too, but I can do it tomorrow at work, if no one does it before me.
Thanks :)

after we know they print right, everyone is obviously free to use them if they wish

hole centers are 5" apart, 1/2 inch holes are drawn, and the axle tube cutout is 3"
Hey guys, he needs someone to print out his drawing and see if it prints out in the actual size of the brackets. My printer doesn't work either.
Ok it prints out ... what now?
Youngster, for some reason he is unable to reply in the thread. He's getting a response that a mod has to approve his post.:confused:

Once he knows that they print out right, he is going to try and post more drawings.
Yeah.. we just PMed each other. I'm glad to see this. between the t2 of us there will be some options for the builders.
Great! I hope he gets his reply problem worked out. Maybe Rick will be on and can check into it.
One word of causion here. Don't cut these out 'til you have your rear axel. There are different hosing diameters for different makes. Even forhousings from the same makes. Ford has 3 that I know of.

While the gusset make sense, adding it will create a lot of heat in that area of the housing tube and may cause it to warp. Full circle brackets will distribute the heat evenly around the housing. You can cut the circle in half to install it.

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