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Pics from my build.

When I was glassing the floor I clamped a heat lamp to the side of the body to help it kick off. Sometime during the night the clamp popped off and the light fell face down on the floor. The next day I found an 8” diameter hole in the floor! I cut a circle around it and glassed a plug in the hole and hung the burned hole on the wall. Lucky the reflector cut off the air to keep the fire down!
I usually just leave my work sitting overnight. I use available natural heat. I'm not in a hurry. I have the next 3 days off ( memorial day holiday ). The next 3 days will be spent on fence work ( chain link ) at my house.
With fiberglass it’s important to use the right amount of catalyst. Too little and it doesn’t cure exactly right. Too much and you get shrinkage from excess heat.
Should have most the glass work done by the end of today. Here's a couple of pictures. I'm sure you'll like the first one.


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Should have most the glass work done by the end of today. Here's a couple of pictures. I'm sure you'll like the first one.
I learned from my days in a body shop to have shoes just for the shop... my clothes were always pretty nasty looking too, lol... I wasn’t out to impress anyone with my fashion, only my work.
Here's a picture of the top opened for easy in and out. I don't have any problems getting in when its down but the wife does. To keep her happ one must do what is needed. The stop cable slides out of a tube on both sides to stop the top from going back to far. The cable is crimped on both ends. You can see the nut on the body that unscrews to allow the top to come off. unlatch the bear claws remove to screw cap I will put (one on each side) take nut off of the hinge pin and pull out pin. I will put a pulley lift on the ceiling to hoist the top up and out of the way. That will be a winter project.


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My plan is to cover it with material. I might paint it and do some art work on the top if I can get it flat enough for clear coat. I have to think about how much work I want to do this winter. I still cant seem to get the Quote thing to work right.

That came out really nice . . .

Are you going to have it fabric covered to look like a convertible top?
I got tired of the noise from the old vacuum pump and the relay started acting up. So a started looking for a replacement pump. Found "Master Power Brake" Silent pump. Not cheap $600 but it is quiet and quick. Takes about 6 seconds to recharge at 73 decibels. I was able to get rid of the vacuum tank and all the extra hoses. I now have some storage room in the back for some just incase tools.

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