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Well, I guess I'll use this space to post ideas I'm playing with. As I have said before, I love to plan things out before hand. Of course before I started my T, this was known as dreaming!:lol:

Well, I'm playing with colors for the body. My chassis colors are a hint as to what colors I have in mind. My favorite color is red. To me, nothing says fast like a bright red roadster. Red just stands out. So maybe red with a black interior. The down side is that it seems like every rod at the AutoRama last year was red. If I paint it myself, the red will be more forgiving if I don't do a perfect job.

Now, black is my other choice. Black with a red interior. Sweeeet! I'm REALLY leaning this way tonight. The down side is cost. Not that it would be more to paint a car black than red, but if I go with black I'll HAVE to have flames on it! Black is harder to keep clean, but with this being my first Hot Rod, I'll probably like cleaning her for a while.;) Another down side is that black will show up EVERY imperfection! The body work will have to be 1st class.

So, tonight, my choice with a black interior. I have a funny feeling I'll end up tossing a coin. Then changing my mind again!:lol:
RED. I decided today that I'll paint her red. I was looking at my chassis today and it came to me in a vision. Red with a black interior.

My vision was having a good time too! :lol:
Okay, Kinda like this, but with a 14" windshield, a red grill and no top.


Now, should the windshield be slanted back or straight up? I'm thinking straight uo for "the look", but maybe slanted back for wind resistance.

Decisions, decisions.:eek::lol:
BLACK! With a red interior. :) Last time I change the color scheme.... I swear. The color black Karma struck again when I got my waterpump. I knew I didn't want a chrome one. I mean, it's going to be covered by a pulley, so get a chrome pulley instead. well, I knew I needed one for a pre '69 SBC, so I tried my local AutoZone and they didn't have the one for $15. I had to settle for one that was $30. When the guy opens the box.... it's BLACK!

Before this, I was going to paint the water pump red to match the engine because I was expecting it to be cast. I mounted it with chrome bolts and bought a brass plug for the heater outlet. The contrast was too cool to cover in red paint.

Also, a couple weeks ago, when I mounted my engine and tranny, I caught a sale on the oil filter and 5 quarts of oil. I get ready to mount the filter and...... yup, black. Total black Karma going on with the T Bucket.

It also doesn't help that I have that darn Rodders Journal opened up to the page with the Lightening Bug on my coffee table.

Thomas, we'll be looking like twins if we both choose black and ever meet up.:D
Hmmmm Red,Black lets really mess you up how about a Brandywine,or a deep(almost black)Purple or a ...................LOL

LOL No, I'm really serious this time, Rick.

I found another nice pic of that CCR bucket that has the "look" I like.
I'm going with the Classic style headers that Speedway is selling.
And when your girlfriend says you ready?PURPLE THEN WHAT LOL
I'll do what I have already planned.... "But, sweetie, it was cheaper to have it painted black. You know I'm on a budget.":lol:
Good move bro good luck(by the way black is the most expensive color to paint on glass)LOL.But i wont tell if you dont
Here's another black T pic. Sometimes I almost wish I had not gotten that deal on my wire rims, but I really don't want to copy the traditional look. I just admire the simpicity of it. Even if I don't like my wires when I take it for a drive, I'll just go with 12 spoke Radir's. I really like skinny tires and spoke rims on a bucket.

Rick said:

Oh, I do agree. I like that pic mainly for the engine. I like the headers.
Yea i like the headers to but sumthing is wrong with the headers..Ya ready?The two pipes in the middle are scrunched to close together LOL
You know, when I used to draw hot rods, that was the part I always messed up! Darn Chevys!:lol:
here we go...

I agree on the tires, and the headers with rick, but at least the distributor is in the right spot;-)

every engine has its quirks. Most of all mine.

my starter is in the wrong spot to everyone except the mopar guys, and they wonder why the plugs arn't in the valvecovers...

hehe, this is accualy pretty fun. motorhead humor.
wow, i just took a look at the "12 spoke radir's" you mentioned earlier...

those are absoloutly beautiful rims, and i had never heard of the manufacturer untill now.

thank you.
Rick said:
Go here Fred and check out the car right above mine.

Yea, I have seen pics of it before. I like the stance. The windshield is a little too short for me, but it looks sweet.

Speaking of sweet..... check this little truck out. I know it's not a T Bucket, but talk about having the look. The flames! Check out the flame job. Yea, I AM getting motivated. I can see my T having some flames, but not too much. Maybe just 6 licks.

Nailbomb said:
wow, i just took a look at the "12 spoke radir's" you mentioned earlier...

those are absoloutly beautiful rims, and i had never heard of the manufacturer untill now.

thank you.

No problem. Like I said, if my wires don't make me happy, those are going on. A little pricey at about $450 each, but they rule.

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