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Poly bushings for jag rear - where to buy?

Not sure this is a good idea, I think it relies on the needle bearings to stop everything moving about in all directions! Why do you want to replace them anyway?

I'm sure I've seen something somewhere, I'll have a look.
Really just ease of installation. I heard the needles can be a real problem area. I was just trying to eliminate as many of those as possible.

I have seen the kits around, I just cannot find where I seen them.

I found a Brass bushing kit that replaces them with a brass insert, but its rather pricey and coming from the UK.
I thought the needles were fairly bullet proof if you keep them greased up. I fitted new ones to my axle when I rebuilt it but I'm not sure it needed them. The only thing I didn't do myself was the wheel bearings as these need the end float setting up.

I'm not having much luck finding anymore information, hopefully someone else will be along soon with some more.
keeper, everything i've read says the needle bearings are far superior to the plastic. as you say the ease of installatoin is the only plus.

I have the poly bushings in my Jag rear and they work just fine. No visible wear after two seasons of driving (1,000 miles or so). I have a friend who has them in a kit Cobra he's been driving for five years, no issues.

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