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Poor customer service


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Very recently I spent @ $20,ooo.oo with CCR to fulfill a 40 year dream. Subsequent to my purchase I have had nothing but unanswered calls, excuses why nobody can answer my questions and today I was told "I don't have to deal with you"!

Thank you Diane but guess what, I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU ANY MORE EITHER!!!

I promise you, should anyone ask me who to contact for parts, kits, or support I will NEVER refer them to you. Your only interest is getting the money and after that you could care less about your customer!
Could we have some clarification of the issues please?

Diane and her family have been in the business for a long time. There must be some reason for the problems you've encountered. Some folks here may have helpful info, but you might have better luck getting that info if you can provide some actual info to go with the venting.
Could we have some clarification of the issues please?

Diane and her family have been in the business for a long time. There must be some reason for the problems you've encountered. Some folks here may have helpful info, but you might have better luck getting that info if you can provide some actual info to go with the venting.
Perhaps clarification is in order. Subsequent to my original post I contacted Jerry by phone. He in turn chastised me for being to demanding of Diane and stated she is "very busy" as he is. Well I am terribly sorry for putting so many demands on them. It seems to me that having devoted so much time as well as money in their product, some consideration should be given to their customer.

I am of the opinion that a company who provides a product should also provide service for that product. Perhaps I am in error, but excuses like "sorry he's not here" or "sorry just to busy" don't cut it!

I will finish my project without any assistance from CCR. In addition I will not do business or have anything further to do with them.
Well, my experience with CCR is just the opposite ... nothing but the best. I have forgotten that they are closed on Monday's and called the number and had Diane answer. I have called on Wednesday's and had my parts by that weekend. I have had stupid questions and some technical ones answered by CCR. Jerry and Diane were invaluable with suggestions, answers and product(s) when I converted from the Ford 9" to Jag IRS.

I think there are always two sides to a story and we are only hearing pieces of one ... still not sure what the issue(s) is\are.
I think you need to cite some examples of the problems you have had. There are plenty of people here, myself included, who have had nothing but many years of good experiences with Diane and Jerry.
Years ago when I was getting ready to build my Bucket I looked into CCR and saw they had a great product, and I also checked into Total Performance and there product was also good, heard of Spirit from an internet search but didn't know anything about them. I sent an email to all three companies asking the same simple question. Spirit answered within an hour, Total Performance was a week latter, and CCR I decided was not going to answer. Finally got an answer from CCR three months later - I had already order almost 13,000 in parts from Spirit.
I have seen CCR products and they are good and people seem very happy with CCR in most cases. If I would have received a reasonably timely answer to my email I would have order from CCR - That's just my experience and to be honest my Irish and Scottish temper is known to be not patient and emails and phone calls are something I hate waiting for.
This response is directed to all in the forum and especially Jerry & Diane.

First I have already apologized to them via email and would like to take this opportunity to do it here as well. I let what would normally be a very minor thing and allowed it to get out of hand. It was an error on my part and to Jerry , Diane and anyone here I may have offended I am sincerely sorry.
Wow this was interesting. Guilty as Charged.. I am fully aware that I am not always available to answer questions, be it a new potential customer or a repeat customer that has spent thousands of dollars with us. I have many responsibilities, many of which are tied directly to making sure product gets shipped out the door in a timely manner and others that have nothing to do with CCR. I do not advertise/promote the idea that I (or CCR) can be reached at any time or place by customers. We try to do the best job we can to assist anyone, customer or not, with any issues or questions.
Sorry ! this company is not my's a very large part of life that requires an enormous amount of effort and time that I mostly enjoy, but will never be all encompassing.
I guess some people view customer service as how soon someone calls them back or responds to an e-mail, and I guess that is important if that person thinks that is the benchmark. I tend to look at this from a more literal view, serving the customer. Designing parts that work as described, doing more than asked, offering insights that may save a new builder time and money or just getting them what they need (unless that actually is not what they need). Most of what we do requires very little follow up. I would agree that we need to improve a few communication issues and that gets difficult when things get real busy.
Ricks comments came from frustration, I understand that, it was just handled wrong. Most of his questions that have come up were answered by Diane and when she could not help, Rick would want to talk with me..right then.. even if I was not in the shop. He kept demanding that she give him my cell number and got increasingly more loud and angry with her to the point that she called me crying wondering what to do. I told her to just hang up on him if this continued, we have caller I.D so it made it pretty easy for her to avoid his rants..Thus, the not being able to get us on the phone.
As for us only caring about the customer untill we get "The Money".. Rick paid us the entire amount of his kit order when it was ordered. The car was delivered in the time frame quoted with no back orders one week ago (Saturday)..hmm, we had his money but still finished his car with no excuses.
I dont care if someone spends $2 or $50,000 with us, If they talk to us or our employees like he did, they can expect the same results.
This was just going to be let go as a bad day, but this will be on this forum long after Ricks car is done..My view is done. The past is the past although now it is in print.
I'm glad everyone is happy! Jerry thank you for your response. It's always nice to hear both sides of the story!
The past is the past although now it is in print.
We all understand a response was warranted by CCR.
Jerry, I will be in the Chino area in early July (After the NTBA Nats in Carson City), I have to move my mother in law back up to Washington State, so if you have a body or frame kit or ?? , I'll have my cargo trailer with room to go northern cal/Oregon/Washington (Tacoma-Seattle) on the I5 corridor. Can save your customer shipping.
We are happy for an order when we get it, thanks. CCR has been around a long time and was one of the companys that made me want a T-bucket way back when. When we started Spirit I looked a the CCR plans and was carefull not to copy there design but wanted to make sure we were of the same quality standard set by them. I have seen there body and again the bar is set high for quailty. Over the years I think CCR is one of only a few companys that is responsable for the T-bucket movement and I thank you for that. For what it's worth this is a tuff business but I can count on CCR to set the bar high and if we are able to raise it they will try to raise it again.
Well said B.C. ...
I love this stuff! everyone has their own company and we can ALL coexist together. Helping one another when needed, giving credit to the people who deserve it, and not worring about egos! I thank every sponsor on this site. Everyone of you have helped me through a part of my build. I could not have done it without all of you!



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