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Powder Coating Questions


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I'm about to get my frame powder coated
should i have the cross members done separately?
if they are done separately will i have to remove the powdercoating at the mating surfaces ??
what about the threaded holes in the frame ???
plugs maby ??
also the coilover mounts separate ???

any help at all is welcome !!!
first time builder need all the help i can get !!
thanks in advance
Re: Power Coating Questions

datonamanmike said:
if they are done separately will i have to remove the powdercoating at the mating surfaces ??
There may be some build-up that you will need to remove. I'm guessing you'll have to see how things want to fit together, when you get everything back.
Re: Power Coating Questions

Can rear end and transmission be powder coated? I'm driveshaft, springs and anything else under the car. How about the motor? That would make a beautiful T-Bucket.:lol: That is going to be my plan.

Re: Power Coating Questions

Honestly, I don't know about how well it would handle engine heat, but it works fine elsewhere.

We ran a magnesium-cased Liberty five-speed in the dragster. With regular gear oil, there were no issues, but with synthetic lube, the case would weep lube. We had it powder coated and it stopped the problem.
Re: Power Coating Questions

i realy dont know about the rear and tranny being powder coated i got my rear end houseing chromed (500$ great deal i feel) as far as the motor im getting my motor from a place on e bay they
give 15 color chioces so ill have the trans painted to match
Re: Power Coating Questions

well mike im still waiting for my front axle (on back order)
soon as that comes ill make my next order axles, rear gears ,brakes, wireing harness, raditor, gas tank, brake
lines. (5000$) that will get me to rolling chassie
then its on to motor
ill get some pics for ya the rear houseing looks great in chrome
Re: Power Coating Questions

Hey Datonamanmike,

Really nice start.:roll: Where did you purchase the chassis and body from? I'm hoping to sell my boat soon, so that I can get started on mine. Keep us posted with pictures. I'll join your group soon.

Re: Power Coating Questions


Was that the Basic T-Bucket kit? I noticed there wasn't a front end.

Powder coating is the way to go. I had mine done and it came out great. I made a point to show them where I didn't want coating applied (thread holes and the friction shock mounts). The crossmembers should be done seperate. They will fit without having to remove the coating on the ends. When you go to put it in, you will notice that it wont fit. It is made a tad wider than it needs to be. I made a wedge using a piece of 2"x4" just slightly wider than the crossmembers. I stapled some carpeting on the ends, so as not to scratch the coating. Tap it in between the frame to spread it and then bolt in the members. The rear housing can be powder coated as well. Just make sure to show them where not to apply coating. If coating gets in the thread holes, you will need to tap them out. The place I went to was used to doing automotive applications, but I pointed the holes out anyway. I had no problems.

In most cases, you will save a little bit of money if you have all your pieces done at once. My place had a minium price. Some pieces would have been cheaper than the minimum to have done. Do it all at once and be done with it.

That rearend does look great! That's a good price for chrome.

A motor would be hard to do I think. All I have seen have been painted. I'm not sure about the trannie though. I guess you would have to call and check.
I've been hearing alot about a product called "Por 15" lately. They say you can't chip it with a hammer. Anyone out there tried?

DON'T MESS WITH IT!!!!!!!! I bought a 50 ford from a buddy and his dad (because they sanded all the paint off) decided to do the Por job to the whole car.Crap i tried to sand it off and guess what ...........It don't sand off.You could probably use it to undercoat an older car but thats it.Hope this helps
Thomas, Rick is right. Por-15 is great for under carriages or areas that need protection. It seems it becomes part of the rust, from what I have read. It wouldn't look good on an exposed chassis like a bucket has.

If you can't go with powder coating, painting is a good option too. After I got my senses, I did a little price checking and painting would have been a little more than powder coating. In my area anyway. There are a lot more color options with painting, but the powder coating seemed right for me as I intend to put some miles on mine and didn't want to sweat rock chips. I have seen a few buckets with chips in the chassis paint and while it is a badge of honor when it comes to showing that it is a driver, it still looks kinda bad in my opinion. Powder coating is NOT chip proff, but it will take more abuse than paint will and the finish last a good time.

Do your reasearch and get estimates for your choices. Checking around is free!
Thanks guys, I'll check around on some powder coating companys and paint stores.


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