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Question for Ted Brown

Hi Ted,
I took a look at your MySpace pages and saw a couple of pictures where you mentioned a tilt up body. Would you tell us about it. (Hinges, safety latches, manual or hydraulic, etc.) Do you have any detailed pictures?
Thanks. Bill
Bill, It was really a simple setup. 2 hand made hinges in the very back, so as to let the body miss everything when up.. and it was just up to do major fixing or cleaning or I guess to show off, car looked much better with it down. The body bolted down in 4 places when driving.. and you had to also take off the Windshield brace rods from the WFrame, and pull a pin from the steering shaft (at the box), and pull it back, to raise the body up by hand... All the wiring went to the rear of the frame, so it did not interfere with anything when the body went up. Sorry I do not even have a pic of the car with the body up, as 7 boxes of my pictures were lost, from a so called friends storage locker... That really hurt me... such is life sometimes.. Hope this helped.?

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