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Quick change x perts needed

Pickup Man

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I was thinking about using a quick change rear end on my t project and am not sure what one to use :think: there are so many styles winters , franklin, speedway exc... any advise on what set up works best?
Mine has an older Franklin and I'm no expert. It was a pretty easy set up though. A couple of weld on brackets, a watts link set up and a disk setup. Gotta get rid of the spool though. Not street friendly at all. I couldn't find a pic that really shows the set up Let me know if you want one
terrymac said:
Mine has an older Franklin and I'm no expert. It was a pretty easy set up though. A couple of weld on brackets, a watts link set up and a disk setup. Gotta get rid of the spool though. Not street friendly at all. I couldn't find a pic that really shows the set up Let me know if you want one

If you can get a few pics post em :D
i'm definetly no expert, but i recently acquired a frankland Champ rearend..

a quickchange called a champ , is the big rearend, it has a 10inch ring gear like a dana 60, this is a brute of the quickchanges and you can lift it by yourself...

generally if you buy a used one it will be a frankland, alot of sprintcar drivers migrated to Winters because they are a newer design and weigh less than the franklands and parts availability are easier because the winters is more mainstream, but the frankland parts are still readily available..

the frankland champ style rear i bought had wide 5 ends on the, i am in the process of adding old ford 9inch ends on it as we speak.. basickly its like tubbing a rear the way i'm doing it. cut existing ends off and replace with 9inch ends, and axles adn brakes.

quickchanges are relatively easy to work on, if you get a used one, such as a frankland rebuild kits can be bought from winters..along with any parts you need..

if your going for a new unit this would be the one, already has ford axles and ends on it..and should be a good width for a T.. this is priced without brakes or the spur gears so you'll be looking over $3,000 for a total

Winters Quick Change Rear End

winters v8 quickchange, a little stronger, a little more pricey
Winters V-8 Quick Change

wheelstang the ntba president is running one, and actually helped me alot with basic information on the frankland rearend. hes a member here, you could send him a pm and he will probably contact you. i ended up just calling him and speaking with him about it..
Go with Frankland....or Speedway.......they're all pretty close with each their own little drawbacks......I believe as far as Numbers the Speedway probably has more out there. Parts are still pretty avail. for most all but the oldest.....:cool:
A local guy has a winters for sale but I am not sure what is out of :think: local stockcar guys run them around here
if you do a search on this forum for frankland. i posted some pictures of a Championship Frankland quickchange.. it might have been on the H.A.M.B (jalopyjournal) easiest way to tell is a a Champ will have 8 ribs on the side bells... A champ frankland has pretty much dana 60 stuff inside, but not all dana 60 posi units will work, but i am told some will, the dana 60 single track units will work...they have standard 31 spline axles in them so ford axles will work in it..

the rear end i got was a champ style frankland, it had wide 5 ends on it
*note* wide 5 ends are not 5 on 5 inch bolt circle, and about the only choice of wheel you have is a chrome or painted steel wheel, and you wont get a front skinny wheel to match to good.. in the lower picture that is a shot of my rearend with the ford 9 inch ends that i put on it. So if the rear your looking at has the wide 5 ends on it, either you have to convert it or use the wide 5 setup with an adapter for the 5 on 4 1/2 or 5 on 4 3/4 probably cheaper and more practical to just convert to a 9inch flange... also if it has wide 5 ends there might be camber built into the ends, the ends will be on an angle( not parallel with the tubes)

One thing to look at is the side bells where the bolts go through the tubes, that is where they crack at, before you buy it look close and make sure theyre not cracked, if they are cracked jew him down cause that will just add to the time you'll have to put in the rearend, or to have someone tig weld the cracks, a couple little cracks wont hurt, but if theres a bunch of cracks price the side bells before you make an offer..but it gives you leverage to jew nonetheless...

also make sure he has spur gears in it when you feel of the gears, and make sure what gears are in it, probably will have a 4:56 ring and pinion maybe even steeper, try to get him to throw in a couple sets of spur gears too.. the spur gears are what you change for a lower or higher gear ratio, the straight cut spur gears will whine like a gear drive, they have helical cut spur gears for the street that dont whine, but they put more pressure on the rear cover.. also the spur gears have 2 ratios on them, you can flip the spur gears around and have a higher gear ratio, then flip them for a low gear ratio, so you get 2 ratios from one set of gears..


the pic below, the rear has the 9 inch ends on it, i cheated and done it myself, i used a piece of steel bar stock ground to the small dia of the 31 spline ford axle and passed it through the housing and used that as an alignment bar to weld my ends on.. the tubes were bent a little, about an 1/8 to 3/16 but ive seen worse on 9 inch fords for sure.. more than likely if the rear your looking at was in a stock car, or sprintcar it will be bent to some degree, just count on it, stock cars and sprint cars get beat to crap for sure..
Now i can put old ford truck 11 1/4 drums on the back, and run any wheel i want, when i order my axles i'm getting dual bolt patterns 5 on 4 1/2 and 5 on 4 3/4...better choice of wheels, and i could even put a set of bolt on rear disks like wilwoods or aerospace brakes if i wanted too later on..


now for the down and dirty, my frankland quickchange cost me $200 bucks without spur gears, he couldnt find them but he said when he did he would call me, i'll probably just get new ones, theyre $60 per set... i had 2 small cracks on the outer bolts on my side bells, one on the front and one on the rear on one bolt hole on opposite sides, my sprintcar friend said not to worry about it, a t bucket isnt heavy enough to hurt it, i will probably just put a tack weld on them and let it ride.. i cut up an old 9 inch housing to get the housing flanges off it, and used brakes off the same reareand... it also has a spool in it, eventually i will put a single trak in it but i'm not worried about it now, because i'm just in the setup stage right now.. might get a limited slip unit later on, who knows...

if you have anymore questions feel free to ask, i'll answer what i can, and i can ask my friend anything i need to know about them..

Winters is what most of the sprintcar guys around the country run , i'm pretty sure thats the brand that speedway motors sells. winters also has a nice website that has pictures of the different style rearends you just have to dig for them..

theres a Speedway Engineering that builds quickchanges also..
Bruce thanks for the info.:lol: I can only see the center section of the rearend it is stored in a van trailer buried under a bunch of car parts. The guy said he maybe selling it, he is asking $1000 with 3 sets of extra spur gears.
I would go $1000 on one if it was in good shape, and not cracked or the tubes werent bent.. if it needs different ends put on it, you might offer him a couple hundred less, because it will cost you to get it converted to 9inch ends, and it'll cost you around $150 to $200 to get it done.. if the side bells are cracked you have 2 options, either tig weld the ones on it, or get new ones..

you can buy new tubes with 9 inch ends on them from speedway engineering and winters , i think they're about $100 each.. but then you get to spend some time swapping them out. and swapping them involves a hydraulic press, your oven and a bucket of ice , from what ive been told its not an easy job..

i guess what i'm saying is i would do it if the rear was in good shape, but if it needs work i dont think i would do it for $1000 because that could get real pricey real quick..especially if you have to pay someone else to do the work on it.. unless you really really wanted it :D
that rear has the wide 5 ends on it, more than likely you would want to convert it to 9ich ford flanges, so you can run the common bolt patterns and brakes.. the brakes arent as much of a deal as the bolt patterns..

I'm pretty sure there are adapters to convert to the 5 on 4 1/2 or 5 on 4 3/4 but they are very expensive..cheaper to swap in the ford flanges..

The thing with quickchanges is they are expensive, but on the other hand they are definetly conversation pieces, and they look very nice sticking out the back of a car..
Sorry I've been so long getting you some pics, spring season and all
Pretty easy set up the springs are off the rear of a 90 VW jetta. The rear end is a grand national with the large GM bolt pattern. All in all went together easy but like I said the spool has to go. I've got a locker from e-bay but just need to install it now. If anybody has any advise would be great I've never had a quickchange apart before
Springs with air shocks do you like that setup? It is probably nice with these portable compressors adjust ride anytime.
Check out "" open the window gear charts it will give you the different ratios that are avaliable depending what spur set you use.
Just came back from a trial run after changing out the spool for a locker. Can yiu see the grin:D

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