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Radius rods


Hey Fred, How do I hook up the radius rods without twisting the frame? Is there a certain way, by counting the turns or measuring? Any information from anyone reading this thread would be grateful.:D

On the Total radius rods, the measurement is 36" from eye to eye. In other words, centerline of the opening in the rod end of the front to the center of the rod end in the rear of EACH radius rod. It is the same on the rear as well.

You will notice that when the front spring assembly is mounted on the front axle, that there should be VERY LITTLE or NO movement. When you set the axle assembly in place the rod ends should line up. If they do not, adjust the rod ends, but do both and keep the measurement the same on BOTH sides.

Spirits measurements may be different, but the procedure is the same. BOTH sides MUST be the same. Now this is assuming that the radius rod mounts are both welded in the correct positin on the frame and axle. I'm sure they are, but it wouldn't hurt to check.

I hope this helps.
This helps. Now how should the two clevises that attach to the axles (front and back) be adjusted in relation to each other? Not sure what this adjustment is called so for lack of a better term, pinion angle?
This will be a trial and error process. Start by putting the jams on the clevis' and the heims. Now thread them 2/3rds into the hairpins and don't forget to use anti sieze. To ensure equal lenghts, I stack mine and put bolts in the ends and snug down the jam nuts. Now install the hairpins to the axels and frame mounts.

For the front i set my axle at 5 degrees. run the bottom clevis out and the top one in. Watch your spring shacles if they start to "twist" then you need to let the heim out some.

the rear is set up just about the same way. set your pinion angle at 2 to 3 degrees and adjust the clevis'. watch you coil overs to see that the mounting studs are paralell to each other. I use a lenght of tubing with holes drilled to match my ride height here. It's much easier to measure if the frame is solid to the axle.

Thanks Ron, that helps. How do I measure 5 degrees on the front and 3 degrees on the back?
Ok I got the back set to 3 degrees and the front to 5 degrees. It now occurs to me that I should have asked 5 degrees which way?? I have the top of the axle tilting backwards 5 degrees as measured on the kingpin boss. Is that correct?
Yup .... ya doin fine Mike. Don't worry about the toe in yet. Sometimes or most of the time you will have to make fine adjustments when the car is assembles

Cool, thanks. And I must say that things line up much better than they did when I mocked it together the other day.

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