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rear end

Mike Davis

New Member
HELP any ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just changed over my 28 spline to a 31 spline 9 " Ford rear end. The problem is my drum back plates will not fit! What would be the best way to to go a new drum set up or disk brakes? The rear end is a Currie if that helps any. Also does anyone know a part # for a TP trans crossmember mount to a C4 trans. :rolleyes:

Ford makes two 9 inch housings..........a large bearing and a small bearing. Sounds like you had a small one and now have a large size as the flanges are different. My Son bought a Currie setup for his '29 with the large bearings, and he has Ford Expedition brakes on it. Currie sells the entire setup from backing plate to drum.

As for the crossmember, I have only bought Speedways, but I think the TP are the same. For a C4 all you have to do is elongate the mounting slots a little to get the bolts to go in.

Mike, TP lists several different crossmembers. They are universal, so a prewelded unit for a TP frameis TP23T87 @ $60, and a kit where you weld the ends onto the crossmember is TM 181 @ $60... BTW, these are both 6" drop...
Thanks guys,
Every thing sounds correct, time to spend more money! The TP mount is a TM129 5" drop thats what they said I needed I hope they are right.
This tear down rebuilt is killing me the new Speedway chassis I bought fits nothing I have from the old T.
Thanks again for the info, Mike
I have the Currie Explorer brake kit on my 46. Works good, but be sure to Locktite(blue) the caliper mounting bolts. I lost one somewhere. Luckily, I was able to get one at the wrecking yard.


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