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Rear radius rod setup


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Is anyone here running factory radius rods on there rear end set up. Im in the process of changing my rear from a coilover/ladderbar setup to a buggy spring/radius rod setup. Im thinking of using a faactory radius rod and adding a top bar to it, inturn making it a ladder bar but retaining the old look. here are a few pics of my car during the build a few years ago. The car is a driving car now so i have some limitaions as far as clearance and packaging. Thanks guys!
I would not do that. Looks like you have a great set as it is. Those old rods rust from the inside out and you just never know when one might fail.

Tell us more about the funny car bodies in this pic. Is that a big "O" on the back of the one car? Could that be a an old Scotty Cannon car?
Yes it is an old scotty cannon body. My old boss inheritaded it somehow. we painted the grey body for a guy in dallas. Its incredable how light weight the Oakley body is. im guessing about 30-40 lbs. If you dont mind me asking, what is your reason for not using radius rods? appearance, strength?
They put the last of those rods on cars about 60 years ago. They are tubular and they rust from the inside out. When they rust thru, they break. And when they break, well that ain't pretty. They give no advanced warning.

We raced against Scotty way back in the early 90s when het ran the On Sat Willys in Top Sportsman. It was my brother in laws Berretta. Not mine to rich for my blood.

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