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rear spring leafs


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i have a 23t with buggy type cross springs at both front and rear. my question is how many leafs do most of you guy's use. hi have 5 on rear spring set would like a softer ride !!!!
That rear buggy spring is for looks only coilovers are the only way to get a decent ride
This is a write up in the tech section on setting up a buggy spring for use in a t-bucket. here's the thing with these springs, they where use in a suspension system that was designed for a heavier car. Now you've got it in a car that is much lighter. The ride is the trade off for a simple, easy and traditional look. Coil overs are what you will need to have for that comfy ride.

IMO, the ride of a buggy sprung "T" is part of the mistique of these great lil cars.

One more thing, you didn't say if it is a T or An A spring. The stock T spring being a 1/4" narrower than the A will soften up the ride a bit. As blownT stated no less that 4 leafs. You can try shortening the leafs. That might help but don't look for a lot of change.

You can get a real nice ride using the T rear spring, test it without the shocks hooked up, If you move the shocks forward, you can get a much softer ride... If the ride is still too hard with the tube shocks disconnected, then start shortening the leaves, from the top down, keep the leaf next to the mail long... Taper the ends, because this is what the factories did, and called them easy ride springs... also use a small amount of grease between the leaves... I most generally used shocks that were used and fairly soft, as these are much lighter than any stock car... Think nut cracker effect (leverage) and answers will come to you... :winkn:
I just bought posies super slide leafs and took out 3 leafs, the ride is much smoother, but now my short shocks are bottoming out. I'm thinking about putting back in 1 or 2 leafs.

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