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rear suspension


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Hi all I'm new to this site but I'm looking for some input. I'm building a steel body 23. Got the chassis pretty much complete but I'm thinking I'll change the rear suspension to a transverse spring set up. Any thoughts pro or con??
Thanks Terry
First off welcome to THE FORUM.
The spring set-up you want to use is ok but you will have alot of body roll with the buggy spring.Now the corvette has used this set up for years now heres the catch if you go the vette way the frame will have to NOT have the kick-up the standard T has it will be pretty much straight also the wieght factor comes into play you would have to use a mono spring that is a composite material to adjust your suspention to a comfortable level plus youll still need shocks so why not dump all that and go coil over?:welcome:
Thanks I really hadn't considered the difference in weight just looking for something a little different. Guess I'll stay with the coil suspension I have set up and save a bunch of work ;).
Merry Christmas and thanks again
I looked at the spring rate on my new C/O's, and found them to be way tooo stiff. They were 150's, enough for a 4000# car. My rear axle carries 1080#, so I needed 75-100 rate springs. Almost did that, but went to bags instead. Not that traditional, but sure helps the old 55 year,;) used up back!!!!
What's the diameter of your coils?
Sorry lanceks1...I should have addressed my question to terrymac...the reason I asked is because if you are using Corvair coils, you can switch to Chevette rear coils and soften your ride . The Chevette coils are made from a tapered wire. There fore are a varible rate spring.
Actually they're springs out of the rear of a jetta. Haven't had it out on the street yet but they're pretty soft I think they'll work ok.

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