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Rear tire pressure


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I'm running about 22PSI to get a good grip and a better ride, but dare I go lower?

What's everyone else running and how is it?
ime running 20 psi and cant go any lower cuz ime 1 1/2 in off the ground with my exhaust ad 3 in with my bellhousing. poor oil pan catches hell now
I ran 14 psi last year trying to get it to hook out of the hole. But I run slicks all the time. I redid the rear suspension over the winter so I am hoping to run 18-20 this year.
18 PSI here
What size tires? If you have regular vehicle size tires I would go with 28-32. Put some miles on them then check to wear pattern. If its wearin in da middle than its too much. If they are wearin on the outsides then it is not enough air pressure. If ya got steamrollers, then I run 12-15 lbs. in my dirttrackers.

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