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Recycled T has arrived from the ntba lol


:cool: hi everybody i made the jump over from the NTBA chat to read more about T buckets what a great subject huh ? used a different name , now i have to go read , :eek:
Welcome to the site. One question... what is your name on NTBA?

Welcome aboard.
Why did I see that handle and immediately think it was our very own recycled t? lolol. Avast ye junquepiratte, prepare to be boarded, arrrrrr
LOL Good ole Recycled! Thanks for stopping in to check us out!

Guys, let me be the first to warn you.... THIS guys has a sence of humor that WON'T quit! Plus, he's a really cool person. If ya make your way to the NTBA chatroom.... consider yourself warned!:food:

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