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relay question


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can i use a standard 5 pin mini relay to power my headlites (high and low beam)? as i understand it terminal 87 goes to load (high beams) and terminal 87a goes to a secondary load (low beams). I'm using a spdt toggle (up-high beams, middle-off, down-low beams). Any advice appreciated!
Terminal # 85 = 12 volts FUSED, Switched source (Fuse buss) 14 gauge RED.

Terminal # 86 = RELAY COIL Ground to a properly bonded ground (burnish and use a star and lock washer). 14 gauge BLACK.

Terminal # 30 = FUEL PUMP, 10 Gauge, Orange wire.

Terminal # 87 = 12 Volts Via PROPER FUSE LINK, from a direct battery source. (Starter solenoid Battery Cable terminal.) RED, PINK OR PURPLE wire color (your choice)

pin # 30....12v supply in
pin # 85....ground
pin # 86...12v switched (activation)
pin # 87...12v out to pump

This is for fuel pump but works the same for anything.
use two relays this way all your eggs are not in one basket. at least if u have a failure u have some lights to get home. I used the total preformance 4 position push pull light switch 1stoff, 2ndparkinglts, 3rdlowbeam, 4thhighbeam. no relays.
That's a great tip!!!

RPM said:
I don't use any relays on the headlights. I use a puh pull switch like Hotrodman said but just off. low beams, and high. You don't need a dimmer switch that way either.

You must have one hell of a rated switch;)

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