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Signal Stat 900 signal switch with EP 27 flasher and LED lights


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My car has the popular Signal Stat 900 universal signal light switch. When I switched to LED lights from United Pacific I also ordered one of their LED 3 prong flashers (part # 90651). It has since quit and no one seems to carry them other then online like Summit or Amazon. Waiting 3+ days for a part as simple as a flasher makes no sense to me so I set out to find a popular, over the counter unit that can be bought at any Oreilly's Auto Parts. They carry Novita relays so I looked at the ones they carry then went to the manufacturers site for wiring info.

The EP27 5 pin relay works fine with my Signal Stat 900 so far. The Sig 900 uses a flasher for the indicator and one for the actual lights.

I grabbed a typical wiring diagram found on the ol interweb and added the flasher wiring. Most diagrams I have seen just have some circle or box with lines to it which doesn't really help someone wiring from scratch. You need to have the actual pins etc so that is the reason for this post.

On my car I have ran ignition power to the B terminal and not used the I terminal at all and it is working fine (so far). The I terminal is unused on my car.

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Novita Technologies EP27 - Turn Signal Flasher | O'Reilly Auto Parts


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