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Ron Ginns start up


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AKA: Nast-T on the NTBA
:eek:That's a whole bunch of motor! Is he a stockholder in Exxon/Mobil!?:lol: Sounds sweet.
That thing is wild. :eek:
And this was Ron's first T... used to have many more nicer pictures, but lost them when drive crashes... I remember seeing this car just as I was starting to redo mine... this was when I realized I need to step it up a notch... not that I'd ever been on the same page... Ron does outstanding work!




Nice cars huh! :eek:
Now I REALLY wanna build a blower motor:surprised::eek::pray:
LumenAl said:
Not to dampen your enthusiasm... I'm pretty sure Ron says he gets 2.5 miles per gallon! :eek:

not even close to "damp":lol:

who cares about gas mileage.........PUNCH IT:twisted::twisted::lol:


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