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Rookie Question?


Has anyone had problems with law enforcement over no fenders? I never thought about it until someone said something to me. I have yet to be stopped but once ask the question, it stuck in my head. I also do not like the look of fenders on a bucket:sad:. Just my feelings.
Check with your state laws in wisconsin it depends on the year the t bucket was actually put together if you are required to have fenders.
Iowa requires fenders and bumpers for the inspection but then everyone takes them off. I drove mine for 6 or 7 years before I got rid of it and I was never questioned.
The last time I checked, California did not require fenders on any vehicle that weighs less than 1800 pounds. Since you live in California I think that you should be able to check that out easily.

EX JUNK said:
The last time I checked, California did not require fenders on any vehicle that weighs less than 1800 pounds. Since you live in California I think that you should be able to check that out easily.

I think the weight is 1400 or?? 1500 lbs, and it says, fender, mudgard or device to minnimize the spray of mud and debris to the rear. My device is my gas pedal, hehe I ran rear fenders in the early days as seen in the pic of my first T Bucket... my bumpers are my tires, as they are hit before any body panel... works for me.. :)
I have been stopped only once, and that was in California for not having rear fenders. The officer told me I had to have fenders or mud flaps if my car weighed over 1500 lbs. I checked with a friend who is a CHP officer and he also said that in CA the cut off is 1500 lbs.

I found this on Calif. Veh. Code
Fenders and Mudguards

27600. No person shall operate any motor vehicle having three or more wheels, any trailer, or semitrailer unless equipped with fenders, covers, or devices, including flaps or splash aprons, or unless the body of the vehicle or attachments thereto afford adequate protection to effectively minimize the spray or splash of water or mud to the rear of the vehicle and all such equipment or such body or attachments thereto shall be at least as wide as the tire tread. This section does not apply to those vehicles exempt from registration, trailers and semitrailers having an unladen weight of under 1,500 pounds, or any vehicles manufactured and first registered prior to January 1, 1971, having an unladen weight of under 1,500 pounds.

Amended Ch. 215, Stats. 1970. Effective November 23, 1970.

Whats my car weigh. 1499lbs?
Yes, it is registered as a 1926. Registration says 1st yr sold 00/00/0000?
Not sure if thats BC or AD. Guess I'm not going to worry about it until I get stopped then I'll try to reason with the information I have.
The more knowledge we have the better.
Oregon is just about the same as Washington. I have relatives in Northern California close to Chico and he has not or have I when I had my bucket down any problem. Had the CHP give me a thumbs up even once.
Hey clamper I can't help you down in california but up here in ontario canadait goes like this. When we had our 27 steel t in 1972 73 we were pressured by hounded by the cops to get fenders on or be pulled off the road now that law still exists in our safety check system but I've not seen it enforced by any cops welcome to crazy canada
When I was living in calif I bought the dmv code book and memorized all the sections that applied and carried it with me. a few questions the officer would ask like . you only have one windshield wiper and I would quote chapter and verse. I was over 1500 pounds but they didn't carry scales. One time they asked about fenders I said get out the scales while I unbolt all the things I don't need to pass inspection . Roll bar, pickup bed. cowl lights . gearshift knob ,battery.drain out a couple quarts of oil out of the transmission and rear end. He said OK never mind. after a while I got stopped a couple of times and the officer said put away the code book . He just wanted a closer look at the car and to talk hot rods for a while. Unless you are driving real stupid today you probably won't get hasseled . Today they go after the ricers and the boom booom kids making too much noise in the neighborhood.
I'm going with what I got from Clampers reply the way I understood it. You are only responsible for what ya know. What officer???? I don't know...
That's true oldtman. On one Sunday morning cruise I was stopped 3 times. No ticket! One even said "I was bored and wanted to look at your car." Funny how other cars blow their horn when you're sittin on the side of the road with a cruiser behind you ... lol


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