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Rooster57 This is for you bud


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Holy Crap the humidity was high this weekend. I didn't get as much done as I wanted. Even my camera kept fogging up trying to take these pictures. I spent most of the day in the pool.:swim:

Rooster, this is for you.


I did weld on the trailer jack so I could level the boat and do this.

:roll::roll:That really made me laugh i cant wait for you to get that mounted . This project i have a feeling is going to take on a life of its owne. Keep us posted:laff::swim:
I can't wait to make more progress. That week unpaid coming up will just about build the floor. The rest should be gravy from there.

I'm glad you approve of the pics.
Ive been lookin for one of those tractor seats and springs. Makes a great work sead dont it . I need to start going to auctions again. Isnt a sawsall a gift from the gods . What did we do before sawsall??????
My wife brought home that seat and I just happened to have that lawnmower deck. It was a match made in heaven!

Sawzalls rock!
When i look at the tractor seat on the lawnmower deck painted yeller i hear Banjo music in my head.:bugle::lol:
Did you know they have a new tool for tuning a bango? Its a pair of wire cutters/Dykes
Don't laugh too loud, but my wife owns a banjo. I'll try to talk her into setting on the seat with it.;)
Putz, this is for you

[ame=[media=youtube]ba5GW9DjHxE[/media] - Dueling Banjo[/ame]
That little lady is one heck of a fiddle player too

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