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Should be required reading


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I just finished looking at LumanAl's gallery. This is a very well built car that be a rival to any pro-built shop car! As you can see from the pictures, it came out of a home garage, awesome!

The documentation is super. I would like to call attention to the body work. If i've heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times, "you mean I cant just paint it!" This is a great visual on what it takes to have a show quality paint job. The sanding and the spraying, over and over again to get it perfect. My hats off to LumanAl. Be proud man, you deserve it! :D

As I said in the title, this should be required reading.
Yes that is an excellent build gallery, and some great build skills.

I'm humbled by such nice comments, but I hope it's an encouragement for all the people that are starting or are working for the first time on there projects... I've never done bodywork, painting, building, brake lines, wiring, or any of this stuff prior to this build... What I did learn was this... If you mess up... just do it again... trust me... I did several times on several aspects of this build! :doh:

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