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Silly Women.....


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Thought I was getting ahead on this build, AND THEN, "Honey,We need
a door so I can get in"
THEN, "It won't be hard to do will It"

Guess What I've been doing over the weekend.......Pics tomorrow,Glass
is drying today.
I would say the door is a smart move for peace and contentment. When I hear the word " Honey " I know I am getting ready to do something, I just don't know what yet.
Here's a teaser pic....Step was added because the body is channeled 4"
Does anybody remember the red t bucket in the movie called American Graffitti ? That is the WAY to enter a bucket...anything else is just extra.

Door on a T is like Navigation, heated seats, heads up display..ect...
None of my roadsters have had doors, that's how I choose a Girlfriend. If she climbs over the side and doesn't mind, she's a keeper. :lol::lol::lol:

Look, this one is still smiling..............unfortunately, she isn't my GF. :razz:

Um, those both look like keepers to me. - :)

My T Bucket Horrifies and repulses the female race in general, kinda funny to me seeing a woman sitting in a Bucket.
heck guys, i drove to mountain home, brought my 27 home( in pieces) to Texas, and the next week, my ex said she was leaving...guess i should have bought it earlier..haha
Don ... You ol' waskel you.... Did you ever wipe that foot prit off the dash?

LOL, I was talking to a guy rollin in a Bubble, asked him about the suspension and things like that... checking out hte engine, these guys are getting into some HP goodies now. Blowers and tunnel rams and speed equipment, etc.

So anyway I finally get around to asking him the inevitable question as to WHY you would want to drive a Lincoln Towncar that's 30" off the ground.

"Fat chicks can't climb."

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