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Skunk works south...


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here's where the magic happens....;)
I like it!!!! I'm ding mine in a 2 (don't see how 2 cars wouuld fit) car garage. I'm trying to convince my much better half the next place we buy will be a garage with a house

Sweet, now how about a shot of the inside? :whistle:
Hanger 23?:lol:
VegasBruce said:
Sweet, now how about a shot of the inside? :whistle:

There is not much inside. He is doing incredible work on his track T, with very little in the way of tools. I was there in dec. '06. ;)
You don't always need a lot of tools, just determination and problem solving ability.

I guess the Handicap sign is appropriate for a couple weeks.:razz:
Bet it's hard to hang stuff on the walls inside there. :lol: Cool building though. Does the metal heat up the interior a lot?

LumenAl said:
You need to get an artist to paint a skunk-works logo on the top of the doors...

Or, we could revert back to our tree house days and paint "no gurls alloud!!" on it. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Not too hot inside,the roof is plywood covered in roofing material.
also have 2- 6' fans (4 bladed)
No need for an artist to do the logo.I've got 33 years as a sign fabricator.
I'm thinking a shunk works type logo with a mag wheel and slick for legs.

also the small sign by the door opening says "MEN"
LKE.....That you FNG?

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