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Small update


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While doing the deck lid I was'nt too happy with the look of the lock.
So I made a finger pull to use to open the trunk.
1st pic is before...2nd is now....

Nice touch but to be on the safe side you might bend the bottom down abit and put a chrome screw through it to keep it from bending.Nice clean look good job.
I think it looks great the way it is. Beautiful touch. Clean. If I did put the screw in I would choose either brushed stainless or brushed aluminum. There would be to much contrast with chrome and it would be a distraction, IMHO.
Nope,no screws.
I made the "handle" out of .090 1"wide at the base and only
2 1/2" long I don't see any bending unless I really yank on it..
Nice solution. Looks good.
Nice work...was this a rehab project? LOL


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