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Someone please help me!!!!!!!

There are any number of ways to do it but I find the most simple is opening an account with:

This is free and takes about 5 minutes. When you have opened your account, upload you photos following the instructions on the site...really easy.

When you have uploaded the photos you want, start a thread on a forum and then go to your photobucket album in a separate window. Highlight the IMG CODE, which is the bottom of the four boxes below your photo. Highlighting is done by left click once and right click to show copy which should be clicked.

Down loading to the forum is simply a case of right clicking on the forum thread and pasting in your image.

You can check you have done it right by previewing the image.

Any queries, pm me and I'll to explain it easier, if I can. unless anybody knows an easier way.

Here's a couple of your photos anyway...........nice ride.



Can someone please tell me in the simplest terms possible how to post photos in a thread, I've managed to make a gallery which can be seen here

Thanks in advance, Al

Your best bet is to open an account with Photobucket at

Now once you've open the account and uploaded your files... lets say you wanted to post this picture:

you have a couple of ways you can do it...

When you are ready to post a picture, you need the address where the picture is located in your photobucket album. In a separate window (or tab) log into photobucket and view your album, select the photo you want to insert, in this case the picture of your car


See the boxes on the right (shown below)


left click on Share URL or Direct Link... you will get a yellow window that pops up and confirms the address has been copied


Now switch back to you posting screen on the forum that might look like this:


Now here is where we have a couple of options on how to insert the picture... one way is to use the "Insert Image" icon
in your screen which will bring up this screen


Highlight the Http:// then Right Click and select paste (or just CTRL V) ... the address will be inserted as shown below


Hit the enter key and your picture will post and you will see it in your posting as shown below


you can repeat this process in the posting for multiple images... NOW the other way to do it is to use img address on Photobucket... so back at photobucket...


Left click on IMG Code (you will get copied confirmation again)


now all you do is paste this address in your posting by again Right Click and select paste or simply CTRL V.... you will not see a picture like in the way shown above, you simply see the following text


For multiple pictures, just repeat for each picture... To view the picture(s)... simply click on Preview Post and you will see the picture(s)...

try both ways and see which way you prefer... this is as step by step as I could make it... hope it helps you out!

Oops... I see while I was composing this response with all the screen captures, you already got a reply! :)
There are some instructions posted here, as well.

The first step is the most important. If you're going to insert an image in a post, then you will have to get that image stored on the Web, as you cannot insert it from your personal computer.
Al, you may have posted your help after me, but you were oh, so eloquent !!

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