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Speedway Body/Spirit frame

Welcome, Steve! You will probably need to do some modification. I know right off, Speedway uses 1.5" x 3" frame rails, and Spirit is 2" x 3 ". However, making those notches in the body slightly wider should be no problem. Do you know the width of the body at the firewall, and the width of the Spirit frame?
I have the spirit frame so I know that dimension. I just don’t know the measurement of the speedway body where it’s channeled.
Well, what's the outside width of your frame? MOST T bodies are copies of the original T, so bodies from different companies have the same or similar dimensions excluding the stretched and /or widened bodies.
Hi, I have the speedway chassis and channeled body. The outside frame dimension is 27-1/2" If I measure the channel from inside the body, it's 28-1/2 outside channel to outside channel.
Hm.m.m.m. . . my Spirit frame (made about 25 years ago) measures right at 26.5" wide, outside-to-outside. Sounds like your Speedway body would be a little wider (1 inch each side). That shouldn't pose a problem, assuming my frame dimensions are still current with Spirit's design.
I made the CCR frame and that measures 26 1/2" also, I don't know who made my body, picked it up on Craig's list, and that measures about 1" wider than the frame which is perfect because it leaves 1/2" on either side for the fiberglass thickness when the body sits over the frame.

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