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Speedway motors T pics?


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Hello, Anyone use a T kit from Speedway motors? I would like to see some pics of different manufacturer's cars. I am trying to decide which one I am going with. If anyone has pics and descriptions of their cars I Would love to see them.
Speedway lays up an excellent body. You can't go wrong here. But the chassis is a different story. I've worked on 2 of the frames. We legthened them and relocated the coil overs. On one we replaced the front cross member because it sat really high. Should have done it to the second one too, IMO.

I'd like to see what pops up here because I asked the same question a long time ago on another message board (not related to T's but hot rods of all kinds) and noone had any pictures, they either liked the body but lost interest and sold it or never finished.:confused:
Shawn...If there's any way to build your own chassis, do it. Most everyone that buys a chassis already built likes what they have, but you ask they if they would do anything different next time and they almost all will say "Yeah, I would do this......" Build it to the parts and pieces you have. No compromising that way.

That is what I plan to do. They do not make a chassis anywhere that will have the stance I want, the only way to do it to my liking is to do it myself. Well of course with your guys' help too. I will use your plans as a guideline as far as tapering the front frame rails and things like that but the kickup on mine will need to be pretty high and maybe z the front to get lower? I haven't figured out how to lower the front yet. Maybe a large dropped axle, I dont know.
I had a Speedway T. Like Youngster I relocated the rear coil-overs and installed a new front crossmember I bought from, I think, Jim Zail in California. Streetrodder did an indepth article on building a budget T in their September 1997 issue. They used the Speedway kit. I used the article as a how-to guide when I built mine and did the modifications they did. The article said it could be built for under $8,000. Mine cost over $17,000 so I did some things a little differently. I'm going to build my own chassis this time. The Speedway is reasonably priced (I guess) but since I would have to do the same modifications I did before to get what I want I might as well build from scratch. I've posted some pics of the car in the gallery

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