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Speedway's Track T Manual


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I'm an information junkie, I admit it! I like to research things to death before I start in on them! Besides, I'm still working some overtime and it's dog gone ccoolldd here in Nebraska so it's just not a good time for playing in the garage.

I have a copy of CCRs plans, a copy of Total Performance's assembly manual, will have a set of Youngster's soon to be released plans, and a copy of Chester Greenhalgh's long out of print and pain in the butt to find book "How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster on a Budget". I also have a couple books on building Model As and a fairly large collection of material I've collected off the internet lists.

Last night though I was going through the Speedway catalog and I saw they have an assembly manual for their Track T kit. I'm not overly interested in a Track T though I do like the '26 & 27's as much as the older Ts.

I was wondering if anyone has this manual? If so, is it worth the fourty bucks they want for it? I don't need a full book review, just a "yes it's worth it" or "no it's not".

Any guidance would be appreciated!


I never noticed it. I'm an info junkie too. Ask Rick and Youngster!:D Considering the quality of the stuff Speedway sells and their many years in the hobby as a supplier, it is most likely a good thing to have around. I may have to get it myself.
I have found usable information in all types of publications. If you all haven't guessed yet, I love building chassis'. Even when I look at some one's work that I'm not excited about, It often starts a thinking process that comes up with a usable feature.


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