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Spring for coil over

What spring (load rating) should be used on a coil over for the rear of a T?

Assuming that the weight of you car at the rear wheels is around 1,000 pounds the Carrera chart says your spring rate should be 115 pounds

Coil over spring rate chart

The actual spring rate of the springs will vary based on the mounting angle of the shocks. This chart gives the formula to determine the actual spring rate needed.

Coil over mounting
They coil overs that we sell and use on our builds are 165lbs. They seem to work out very well. We have tried other springs but the 165 seems to be the best.
I also have a T with 165's and it is just right. I have another with four 115's and although it is too stiff, on my car two of them wouldn't be enough.

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