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spring over or spring behind?


I have a spirit chassis and am going to go with a spirit 23 body, no trunk. I have a P&J beam frontvaxle and an orig. 31 grill shell. I am going for the lakester look and cant decide if I want spring behind or over. I like a low car but for a period correct look the wheels should not be way infront of the grill. Also I would like to know what the clearence between the frame rails and the ground is on your T's. I am ready to order some RPM suspension parts and want to buy the right stuff. Thank you in advance.
spring over will be higher. If you want a lower look you could fabricate a higher spring perch.
just my own feeling but, i think the spring behind the axle gives a better ride. maybe because when the spring is bounced, it flexes at the hanger and transmits less shock to the frame. just my own experience with both. hey, how about 1/4 ellipticals. nothing is more period correct on lakes type cars. my car doesn't have a drive train in it so i can't give you dimensions on ride height

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