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Spring rate on transverse leaf spring?????


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What spring rate should I be looking for on a transverse leaf spring? I will be putting a Ford 302 in my T.
I wish I knew a formula or something to tell you but I don't. I think most guys use the drive/test method. Take a few leafs out and see out it drives. Now, are you talking about a front leaf spring or a rear leaf spring? Fords V8 is light so you won't need as many leafs as a BBC up front. For the back end, there are high arched springs like the Model T and A spring and there are more normal springs like late 30's/40's spring. That said... there are a lot of variables to consider. Give us some more info and I'm sure someone here can tell you a place to start.
Front leaf spring. I did talk to someone today who told me that the 1750lb spring in the trailer section of Tractor Supply would work well.
first you need the measure the distance between the front radius rod brackets. Then you need the subtract the spring pivot mount distance (times 2) and the shackle length (times 2). That will give you the length spring you need.

Also I believe small trailer springs are only 1 1/2" wide. A regular transverse spring is 2 1/2 or 2 3/4" not sure which without measuring mine. I have a Posie Slider spring with the dimples and the rubber ball jobbies. I would not use a trailer spring but if ya wanna then go ahead.

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