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Start up Headers SBC


I still have a set of old junker headers for start up to save your nice pretty ones. LumanAL started this tradition and I wish to continue it. You pay the shipping, then when the next person needs them, send them to him and he pays your shipping.
I have BBC tube chassis type and a set of Super Comps for a 1st gen Camaro headers for the same purpose if anyone is interested.
Looks like we have SBC and BBC covered. There may even be someone with some Ford headers out there. Just on the off chance someone might put a ford in a T-Bucket. :lol:
Hey if 'ole Henry meant for us to put a chebby in a T, he would have done it himself! Put a Ford in a Ford!

I've got some SBF startup headers that I'll be using for my startup in Jan, and then I'll pass them along to whomever needs them. They are shorties for the later model heads.

I'm glad some of you are doing we are a ceramic exhaust applicator, it is very important to use startup headers to get the engine dialed in. We send out a notice to all exhaust customers with their finished headers notifying them of this. As you might expect, we get a few back from customers that did not heed this warning and put them on a very out-of-tune engine and burned through the coating. Most admit that they read the warning!
Ben: I thought the ceramic coating prevented the problems that chrome has. That's why I bought them. I'm ready to start???
butch27 said:
...I thought the ceramic coating prevented the problems that chrome has...

They will not blue like chrome ones do, however when you are first breaking in your engine and setting it up, you can very easily discolor your ceramic ones so use "break-in" headers to avoid this problem.

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