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Started On The T


Finally finished the new garage to build the T, and now the fun begins.

The body was way out of wack, so had to square it every way possible.:rock:
I used pine to brace the body in the spots that were not square. Used T body measurements so it should be right when done. We do not have many people making T bodies here. The body I got I had to convince the people who had the mold to make it for me, the mold was used in the 70's and 80's and had not been used for a while, I guess thats why the body is so crappy.

In Aussie Land we have to steel out the body for registration, so the next couple of pictures are of the steel work. 1" x 1" x 3mm tube, and
8mm x 50mm flat.
Only the start, have plenty to do......
looks good...
gotta love those upper curves:)
nice work aussie!! are you going to put tabs on for windshield posts, top pivot, body mounts and seatbelts??

Great job! Getting all those curves must be a real pain.
AussieT said:

Holy Cow! That's impressive how you got that square tube to shape like that. Very cool.

achient chinesse secret

Thanks fella's, got plenty more to do. It's just a bit raw for photo's and needs alot more attention yet. Just picked up more steel this morning for the rest of the steel out process.
Ron, got to put all the mounts on yet, the inside where the winsheild post's mount is next and then seat belt mounts.
Then it has to be inspected before I go any further by the Victorian Technical Advice Commitee rep.

Thanks for the kind words all.........
AussieT said: has to be inspected before I go any further by the Victorian Technical Advice Commitee rep...


Word on the street is the US is setting up something very similar, however the Colonial Technical Advice Committee is devoting 2009 to leaning basic windows functions... 2010 is the year planned to learn about Internet applications and website references, the 2011 they will start out with things like, use and care manuals for paint, and interiors, 2012 is set aside for review and the future implementation of Windows 7 a full year after the rest of the world had adapted for general use!
More Steeling out. The body is about as square as I can get it about 4mm out.
The mountings will start next week for the seat belts and the other things.
Very nice work.

very interesting ... thanks for the pics ... please keep us posted on your progress!!

Thats the way to do it . Be patient and do it right the first time.Nice Job
Thanks for the kind words;)......BUT I have just pulled the steel out, I used heavy wall steel thinking that it would be safer in a crash and it's just to heavy:eek:. I will go and get some new steel tommorow and drop it down a couple of millimeters. The 50 x 8mm flat only had to be 50 x 5mm to pass inspection so I am starting from the begining "bugger it". Might have to get on the dog and bone tommorow and call the Tech Commitee for absolute minimum required steel thickness to keep the weight down.....
aaahhh well we live and learn.......

Could you just drill some holes in the steel to bring the weight down? Then you wouldn't need to replace the whole thing. Just a thought.

Your work looks great!

It's not a bad idea to get the weight down RexRod, I'm not sure the TAC would pass her for registration. Just gunna have to start again I think. :ciao:
G,Day Ted
I am not 100% sure. I beleave they are, but only certain models. I think that the older the easier. They have to pass certain Roadworthy Inspections and it would depend on which state that people wanted to register them as to the difficulty.
How ya doing Mate

Looks a little like mine ;)


Did all my steeling with 15mm square tube, cant remember what wall thickness though.
Yep its a good idea to put good strengthening around where the windscreen posts bolt through.
My body fell to the floor when I had it hanging upside down from the roof a few feet off the ground straight onto the windscreen support posts and never did any damage to the body, thank heavens.

Check out all the build pics at

The other Aussie T (Tim)

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