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Steering Box ID Help


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Hey guys I posted this over on the HAMB with no replys

Can anyone tell me what this Saginaw manual steering gear might be off of?

And I discovered that someone cut and welded the pitman arm and from what I read thats a NO GO, so im on th hunt for a new pitman arm, question is: are most saginaw pitman splines the same?

I would prefer a different box but what the hell this is what I have so in true low buck fasion - thats what I will use. Thanks for the feed back. -Don
the only reply I can give is "No Clue!" sorry ;)
almost looks like a older jeep or maybe vw van....
Can anyone tell me what this Saginaw manual steering gear might be off of?
That pretty much leaves out Volkswagon.
Ha thats ok Rick, hell I checked out the lead anyway, never know Michigan might have had a VW deal?? It kinda looks like an old bus box, it does have Saginaw cast in but no other logos, part numbers kinda look like GM tried cross ref. online - no luck. the clam mounts are what makes this unusual to me. Thanks for the input.
I used to work on forklifts. That looks like it came out of a '60's or '70's Clark forklift. If It's in good shape I wouldn't be afraid to use it. If it needs work it might be hard to get parts for.
it also looks like an old forklift unit ive seen before.
Turbo I think you found it! I am looking online and the Clark forklift uses a Saginaw box and column almost identical.

Ron - I would trust one of your welded pitmans, not this one -pitted welds and lots of hammer and grinding marks, its not worth it.

This box cleans up well and feels solid and smooth, sticking with my theme of using what I got - its going on

I will post some pics when I get it mounted.
Thanks, Don
5 turns lock to lock, it seems as stout as any ford, corvair box I have seen, the basic box looks similar to any sginaw on a early car or truck. My guess is it will be ok. I am building the mounting brackets now, I'll mount her up and we will see.
Thanks, -Don

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