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Steering box


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Today I recieved the cast steel steering box I had purchased from a member of the NTBA. Not only was the price right, $175+ pitman arm+ free shipping, but he cut the stem and drilled it for the Total performance steering column kit I'll be using. The movement is smooth as butter!


His name is Mikey and he has cast steel boxes as well as aluminum. He also has other stuff for buckets. He's been working on and building T Buckets since the late '70s and is a wealth of info. He also has great stories. :D Check his ad on the NTBA and give him a shout.
This morning, I learned that if your engine and tranny are already mounted, the Corvair box will go in ONLY ONE WAY AND ONE WAY ONLY. I played with it for about 10 minutes and just about the time I was going to cry murder, it slipped in. I had to jiggle, shift it and stare at it for a while. It sure is good to have the drag link connected up, instead of hanging by a wire. I bought a tube at Home Depot and cut it to the size that I think my steering column will be and it's going to be fine. I may try and find a used wheel at the local swap meet to fit it, so I can steer her around when I need to move her. Heck, I may take the chassis for a little "drive" in our parking lot this weekend.
Fred now think of how i felt when i took my box out under the car WITH the body on.But i think the turbo 350 trans is alot wider than the c-4 i have.
Rick, the turbo 350 could be. You can't imagine the look on my face when I thought I was going to have to disconnect the tranny to raise it up a bit. I mean, that box will go in just ONE way. The clearance all around was none! It was like working a Rubics cube. I got it, but I sure as heck couldn't give directions on how I did it. I can't imagine having to remove it with the body on.:eek:
Rick said:
Did you get my e-mails?

:lol:Yea, man. I got 'em and every word in them was true. I truly fear for the generations to follow. Man, I saw some crap on TV where some place saw saying it wasn't okay for santa to say, "Ho, Ho, Ho!". What the heck is going on in the world?

You got people who snuck into our country illegaly, complaining about being rounded up!?:eek: You got the government saying they are trying to build a wall to keep illegals out, then on the other hand, the same government is trying to make them comfy if they don't get caught!:eek: I go to the grocery store and every Friday, you can watch them cash their check and wire it to wherever home REALLY is. It's all screwed up and nobody wants to do the obvious.

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Sorry, I didn't mean to go political, but being in Texas and close to the border, some things touch a nerve. Everyone has a right to what this country offers. Just come here the right way. My rebuttle to the people who sneak in is: Define illegal.

You shouldn't be able to steal citizenship.

Insert disclaimer.
While we don't want to get too political, this is a very tender issue for me, as well. It's one of the reasons I've volunteered for the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential election campaign.

Paul has made it quite clear - if you are not in this country by legal means, you need to leave. And it makes no difference how many children you've spawned whilst here, we will no longer recognize anchor babies. And there will be NO amnesty for illegals.

There comes a time in our lives when we must become politically aware and also become politically active in our communities. The illegals are going to end up with access to our Social Security funds, if we don't do something to prevent it.

Remember, we're not asking Congress to enact a single, new law. We're only asking them to enforce the laws we already have in place. Entering this country by illegal means is a federal offense, so let's start taking care of the problem, rather than sweeping it under the rug. There is already a big enough lump under the rug.

Ron Paul 2008

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