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steering box


Does anyone know if this is a corvair or vega steering box ?
looks corvair..
Hmm... that looks like it could be a practical mounting position. With the pitman arm in a up position, it would seem you get good ground clearance. How is the geometry between your drag link and radius rods?

Kinda makes me wonder why so many people reverse them, but I know someone will clue me in, so....... I'll wait to be educated.:rock:
Reversing the Corvair box dose two things. First it allows you to raise the steering column, giving more room around your pedals inside the bucket and secondly, it moves the box to the top of the rails keeping it out of harms way. When we first started using them, our cars weren't built so low. Mounting the box on top of the rails made it easier to set the drag link parallel to the ground. Then there was the "Trick part" thing too.

The corvair box was reversable from the factory to accomodate a vehicle called a Corvan, which had its wheels in behind the steering column, so basically the sector shaft is sticking out the other end of the box. A vega box doesn't have this option as its got a cast end - Vega boxes are not reversable, and the other advantages to a corvair box were stated previously.
Sorry, but the Vega box is reversable. I thought I had a picture of one, but my office manager seems to have mis-placed it. The procedure is the same as for a 'vair box. One draw back that I can see is the size of the Vega box. It is larger than the 'vair.

Cool thanks guy's I knew you all would know what it was I wasn't to sure ,,
Yes, in theory a Corvan box should be ready to go. Remember there are different shaft lengths for the steering column too. In reality Greenbriar Vans from the mid 60s are probably not very common in salvage yards -
To make it easy, there is a brand new, not rebuilt, prereversed box you can buy thats like a Corvair box, but its engineered for Ts and things. I suppose for the one in a million guy thats redoing a corvair he would have change it back (fat chance) On my car it actually has aluminum reversed box and its probably seen better days. I don't have a picture of it, because its way up inside, but its like the one the picture, only the shaft coming out the other end.
Found it. Here's a picture of a reversed Vega box.


These are Vega Boxes
Anyway, it wouldn't let me add the image of the boxes,
Is there a way to adjust it ?get the play out ? or will I have to rebuild it ?
RocknT said:
Is there a way to adjust it ?get the play out ? or will I have to rebuild it ?

I'm also interested to know this. How much play should the steering in a T have?
I have a '67 Econoline box with the shaft . It doesn't look too big and bulky. It came with the front spindles.

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