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T-Boy Body

Mr. Fixit

Hello All,

Mr. Fixit here and I am new to the T Bucket Forum. Well, actually, I have been here for three days. I have a 23 bucket that I removed the fiberglass body from in order to fabricate a custom metal body. I am in the midst (3 days in so far) of creating what I am calling a T-Boy because it is an over grown version of a typical T Bucket and a 32 Ford High Boy Roadster. I wanted to have some of the attributes of each, including a trunk which is not typical with a bucket.

The following are a few photos of the body structure thus far.




Interesting Fixit .... what are you using to bend the tubing with??

Very cool This is what buckets are all about individuality this is really different it will be nice to see finished product with body build pics.
I am using a 3 wheel bender (ring roller) that I built. Here is what it looks like.

Mr. Fixit



Thanks Putz,

I will keep the photos coming as I make progress. Cant wait to start shaping the sheet metal..
Did you draw what the car will look like?If so post the pics so we can see it.Its looking good so far.With that frame i'm wondering what the body looks like you took of.
The Body was a basic fiberglass unit. Here she is...

Is there a rule about having a shop that clean. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I am sure rooster has one somewhere in his bible.
Come on guys, you are umbarrassing me now :eek:
Very impressive. Good luck on the auction for the body. Was looking at it yesterday.

Thanks Ron..

It sold for $430, not bad :)
I have had limited time to work on the body because I was trying to get the four link adjusted corrected (with tremendous input from some of you :)) and finally got everything set up correctly. Here are a couple of progress shots of the rear of the body structure that will become the trunk, as well as the area of the chassis that I extended to support it.

Mr. Fixit


Another guy with way more talent than one guy should have AND a clean garage to ,its not natural. Putz it wasnt in the book of rooster but i am adding it as i type.
(Thou shalt not clean garage before taking pictures Rooster chapter 12 verse 1) Thanks Putz
Of course i am having fun with you ,fantastic lookin car.
Do us a favor and at least scatter some wrenches around and a few sunflower seeds would be a nice touch.
I think I see a fingerprint by the light switch. :lol:
Sorry folks, I clean as I go. I find that I am much more productive this way and can actually find things when I am lookig for them :D. Then, at the end of the day, I have more time for :lol:.

Thanks for the kudos on the car, I will be forming out the doors next.

Mr. Fixit

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