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T-bucket Front Suspension


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Need some advice...

Question: Where is the proper place to jack up the front end of my t-bucket with a solid front end. Under the solid axle or under the frame of the vehicle?

Also, I noticed my leaf springs have shifted to the left and my whole front end is approximately 1/2 inch to the left. The springs appear to be centered on the frame. Would I adjust the the panhard bar?
You can use the front axle or the frame. I usually use the center front of the axle to lift the whole front end or under under the radius rod mount to lift one side. The shackles should hang at the same angle and keep the axle centered. the panhard bar can push the axle off center, in that case it needs to be adjusted.
There should be either a center bolt or pin on the spring that holds it in the center of the spring mount and holds the leafs together. Check on this panhard bar could be out of adjustment. Most front suspensions don't even use a panhard bar though.
Kind of a novice here. Do I just jack up the car at the frame. Take off the panhard. Adjust the front end so it is even and the buckles on the leaf springs are equal, then just put the panhard back on to keep this alignment?

Or do I do it without jacking the car up?
Jack the car up by the frame other wise you will have the cars weight on the spring and it won't move.
And the rest of my post is correct?

Take off the panhard. Adjust the front end so it is even and the buckles on the leaf springs are equal, then just put the panhard back on to keep this alignment?
Leave the wheels on the ground, unhook the panhard bar and look at the shackles. If they are not equal you have a bind that needs to be addressed. If you need to take them out to free them up, support the frame with the wheels on the ground then you can take the shackles out.
something is too tight there and not alowing the spring to center it's self on the shackles or buckles as you call them. Putz is right, check to see if that bplt is in the center of the spring at the frame spring mount. i have seen several cars with them missing over the years.

There is an allen type of bolt that is centered in the frame mounting block hole that the leaf springs are mounted to. The leaf spring is centered; it is the solid axle and components that are off by 1/2 inch or so.

So, does that put the problem back to the panhead arm or something else that you can think of?
I'd take the bar off and go for a test run. Maybe your car will be ok without it. Would help if you could post pics. Maybe someone could spot the problem from them.

We NEED a pic here of just what you are trying to say, it sounded to me like your spring is too wide and needs to be shortened a bit on each side so that the shackles hang at a 45 degree angle with weight on the spring, I made a heavy angle iron bracket about 16" long that I also welded a piece of solid round stock to the angle center and it fits into my floor jack, and it has a thick piece of carpet glued in also... keeps the axle protected and less likely to want to bend anything, or slide from side to side for any reason, jack stands go under the radius rod/ tie down mounts... Have fun building.. :lol:
Ok. Here are the pictures. Notice the shackles. Looking at the front of the vehicle, the front axle appears to be shifted to the right.
I don't remember ever seeing the shackles in that attitude. I mean the spring is usually below the mounting point of the other end of the shackle.
try to flip the shackle over one end at a time and look again. That may solve your problen and lower the front too.
Yes put a pry bar in between the shackle and flip it down, then do the other side.. it (the main leaf) still looks like it could be a tad long, but you will see once it is hanging, not on top of the hangers... Pics are worth a 1000 words... :lol:
You'll need to disconnect the panhard bar before trying to lever the shackles around, to allow the spring perch and the axle to move laterally to each other. The axle is offset to the right because the panhard bar is too long. Doesn't look like it's adjustable. Also, the front of your T will be sitting a couple of inches lower after you swing the shackles around.
I agree with Lee. Your gonna want to fab an adjust able bar. I would remove the bar flip the shackles and drive the car till you get one made up.

How can you tell the panhard bar is not adjustable? Also, where would I find one (an adjustable bar) online? Thanks for your help gentlemen!

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