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T-bucket project based on a volvo!


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This is my volvo based T-bucket project.

In november 2007 i bought a volvo 210 duett to use as a base for a hot rod, the car was in realy bad shape, there were big rust holes in the body, and the engine was very dead:).
But i didn't care about that since i only were going to use the frame, front and rear suspension, at that time the plan was to buy a ford 32 3 window coupe fiberglass body, but I ran out of money before I had started.
So I didn't touch the chassis for awhile but when the semester had ended I started working on it again, this time i realised that i had to build something cheaper, otherwise it would take years to finish it.
I looked at other bodies and found a store that sold a t23 roadster fiberglass body, so I decided that i were going to build a T-bucket.
I started to replace all the rusty parts of the frame with fresh metal and painting it black.

My school starts in two weeks and i plan to have the frame done by then.
My t23 roadster body will be delivered this week, and once I get it I can start fabricating the floor wich i plan to make out of plywood (the kind of plywood used to make concrete molds with) And making new engine mounts because i will move back the engine 40cm.
The T-bucket will have a hardtop that will be hinged in the back to make it easier to get in and out of the car.
I'm not sure if I'm going to buy the hardtop or make it myself.
I haven't decided yet if I'm going to fit fenders on it or not, I might use T fenders on the front to hide the independent front suspension.

Here is a picture of the frame right after i chopped up the poor volvo.


This is how the frame looks like now:


This is some before and after shots of the rust repairs.



If you have any questions or such please ask.
I kind of need all the feedback i can get.
//Johan C
From the pictures the frame had some major issues, But it looks like you are doing a great job of bring it back to life. Nice work :rock:
Ok it's time for a update on my project, i've worked with it every day the last weeks when i come home from school.
Well i think im just going to post some pictures of how it looks like right now, instead of writing it's alot easier that way:D

It's realy high now since there is no load on it, the engine will make the front alot lower.


rear axle.

The frame is almost completly done it's just some small rusty parts left.
Im fabricating new motor mounts, the engine will be mounted 40 cm further back than originaly, for beter weight distribution.
Im also planning on making a hardtop from the old volvo duett roof this week, not sure if im going to use but i want to see how it would look.

That's it for this time.....
//Johan C

That looks great! Keep working on it. I'd like to see it with a top on it.
Keep posting the pictures.


I have to say you are amazing! Due to local regulations, you have sooooo many restrictions placed on how you can proceed with your project, but in spite of that, you are doing a fantastic job. You should be super proud of your work. Thanks for sharing this project! Very inspiring.

Take care,

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Follow your dream, man. Very few get to. Trust me, that first drive will make it all worth while.
Thank you all for your replies, it makes it alot more fun to work on the car people say such nice things about you:D

I mounted the engine today in it's new mounts and it looks great, I will take pictures of it later.
I feel a bit sick right now I dont have any ventilation in my garage and when i welded the mounts a thick white smoke came out from the frame, I had to finish the welds I was working on so i might have breathed in some of it :confused: so i'll just take easy for an hour now and see how I feel later, I realy want to continue today, since it's time to cut in the firewall to make room for the gear box, and see how it looks with engine and bod:D

To RexRod:
Yes all the regulations is a pain in the A**, but I think it will be OK if I keep as much of the chassi stock as possible.

To Raidmagic:
Because of all the regulations here in Sweden i can't use any other motor than the stock volvo one (B18) ,but I might use a tuned B20 motor since there is almost no difference in appearance between the two.

I will post pictures of todays progress later.

Outstanding work young man... You've really come along way in a short time. It's so cool to see young folks like you build stuff... a talent that will serve you well for the rest of your life...

You know.... you are probably going to have one of the best riding T's with that suspension!

oh yea... I LIKE IT! Look forward to seeing the updates.

Thanks LumenAl! Feels great to hear that!:welcome:

Here is the pictures i promised earlier:

One of the motor mounts: (I made them in two pieces to be able to adjust the distance from the frame rails, to make sure the engine is perfectly alined.)


Welded onto the frame:


Engine mounted:


And finaly the body on the frame with the engine in front of it:


Im not sure if i want to move the body further back.... I'll roll it out of the garage tomorrow and have a better look:D.
I will also try and take out the springs from the front suspension and see how it looks when it's lower:D.

Bummer about the engine rules there but that looks kinda cool on there like that. Can you put a turbo on it? That would be sweet.
Keep up the good work and keep us posted.
Today I removed the springs from the front suspension and did some measuring, I will order new and lower springs when i get more money:)

No front springs realy low, I think it's going to be about 10cm (4'') higher with the new springs if not i will have to cut them to an appropriate length.





I will move the body further back but to do that i'll have to modife the rear end of the body, I did make it a bit narrower earlier but now i'll have to cut it right of (My body has some sort of wierd thing at the rear end, not sure what to call it but).

And here is the floor i made out of plywood:

Here you can see that i made it about an inch narrower on both sides:

To Raidmagic:
I could put a turbo on it but i'm not sure i want to becuase I think it would look pretty ugly:razz: but all that will have to wait until it's done and approved by the swedish "vgverket":lol:

Thats it for today, not sure if i'm going to continue tommorow since I'll be coming home late ( apprentice work thingy starting tommorow, not sure of the right name:lol:)
getting up at 04:45AM and coming home 06:30PM:neutral: means that I will not have much time to work on the car but I'll try:D.

//Johan C

I sort of like where the body is:

You could leave it there and fabricate a cool long bed for the rear, making it a Model T pickup! Just my two cents. :cool:

Oh, are you tired yet of us telling you that you're doing a fantastic job!

Take care,

That's a good ide I might actualy do that since not only is it easier it's more practical with a long bed.

And I could never get tired of hearing all the kind words from you guys it realy means alot:D

Thanks! :rolleyes:
It's great to see someone tackle a project like this when they are handicapped by regulations. My hats off to you. Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

Nice looking project you might want to look at the adjustment in your front suspension for alignment. This could cause problems with ride height. If it sits to low you might not be able to get acceptable camber readings. That is an advantage with solid front axle camber is not effected by ride height.
Most importantly have fun with this project and keep it safe.
While it isn't optimal it's not as bad as you would think. The owner of this car is kinda a jerk but the car is done well.


Have you considered coilovers if you have room that would give some amount of adjustibilty to the front end. Keep up the good work. :D ..Francis

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