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T-Bucket Project


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We got back home today, We left the snow around here (near Yellowstone Park) and went south for 5 weeks to visit family, we had a new step great grand son and new grand daughter. Arizona is nice this time of year. We manufacture shipping material for fishing worms and had an order for 2 pallets to go to Salt Lake.. I took the flatbed Diesel dump truck and the 22 ft RV trailer behind. I loaded up my 1922 Ford antique racer that was stored farther south since I had some space in the truck after we unloaded. I plan on having it back together by the 4 th of July for the parade. back in the 50's I gathered up a lot of original Model T parts and decided to do an antique racer in the 60's Right niow It's a basket case. Someone broke in to the shop a couple of years ago and took the bras ring headlights and tailights plus about $7 K worth of other tools and parts . I'll get some pict's and post the rebuild of the project.
you have my attention!!!!! i'll be waiting to see those pics!!!

Reasons like this is why we want guns!!
Great i cant wait for the build pics . If you park your car on my property its safe we have LOTS of guns.
Reason's like that is WHY I have gun's !
Welcome to the sight ,,looking forward to your build

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