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T weight


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anyone weigh there T for total weight? a smallblock chevy with th350
also did you get an overall front and rear weight?
Mine was either 1890 or 1980 w/full tank. It was several years ago when I weighed it.
1937lbs. total with the front weight being 918.5 lbs. and the rear being 1018.5 lbs. That is not a misprint, the rear is 50 lbs. heavier than the front. My car was weighed at the NSRA Nats in Louisville.
There's a scale close to my house. I may do that one day, but I figure about 1,600. Well, that's what I told the DMV!:lol:
mines 1751 lbs. at the gravel scales down the road. but a hemi is a bit more weight then a small block.
Most buckets come in at between 1800 and 2000. California had a fender law at one time (maybe still do) that if your car weighed 1500 or less you could run without fenders. Very few people made it, and some took drastic measures to get that low, like Buick 215 aluminum V8's, etc.

It's funny how fast weigh adds up when you start assembling a car.

I'm sure it would be lighter.. the engine would be quite a bit lighter than a 350 chevy, and the transmission would be much lighter than a th350/400/ and definetly a 700r4..

the total frontend weight would be alot less..

My bucket is steel, and i'm planning on a steel bed of some sort so i'm going to go with 2200lbs... chevy 350/700r4 9inch ford rear.. probably use around 110 to 125lb springs on rear, that should get me close anyways..

i weighed it before when it was a roller, but i cant remember what it weighed.. seems like around 1500 and change total before motor and tranny.. but i didnt do a front and rear weight..
If you guys are like me, and most other homebuilders, we tend to overbuild them anyway. But that is good. Better to err on the side of safety than not.

Yes I overdesigned mine which added to the additional weight. I used 1/4" thick tubing instead of 3/16" which added alittle. Added another crossmember above the driveshaft for a driveshaft loop. Added some 3/8" thick Z bars on the inside of the kickups. And I used 2x4 for the side wooding along the doors. Figured that would be where the most stress would be getting in and out of the short 15 body. So all together that might add an additional 100 lbs or less.
Hey Bruce, I just weighed mine... i was surprised to find that it was so heavy! I did not get the front or rear end weight but the total weight of my T-bucket is 2020 lbs.

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