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Texas newbie/Red River Jack

Red River Jack

New Member
Hello guys and ladies if there any here well i,m a car nut
like all of you and i feel that the t bucket is a big part
of hot roddin and i,m gonna build one dont know when
i have a couple of things going right now a 35 ford truck
and a dragula based rail .The rail is set up like a T with
the motor in front not in the box i,ll use a T style radiator
and a small T top i dont like much havin it going and cant wait
here are some pics ,I hope to get a lot of info and maybe get
to meet some of you cats later Martin aka Red River Jack
Yep sure is,, the motor and tranny in the dragula came out of
it .I,m gonna put it back in the dragster when i get a new
bulit for the dragula.Here,s the back half.
Welcome & Wow!! I like the Dragula. Hey at least you will always be ready to "go" ;), Just kidding though, we'll all :pray: that never happens. Keep up the good work.
My wife freaked out i told her if it happens just dig the
hole and push me and what ever ,s left in the hole i got
to sleep on the sofa that night :sad:
Welcom aboard,Heay man !that dragula looks familar?
Have you posted on the RRR sight before ? if so then i was wondering how you was comeing long? I have spoken to you before.
welcome to the site Martin. Those are some interesting projects. I can just about see Grandpa sittin'in the box.

Chopper Tom yeah thats where i was i,m lookin for a radiator
gonna use a mustang learned that trick here then finishing
up the front end.
Welcome and cool builds! :lol:That episode of the Munsters is still one of my favorites! Looks like you're set to nail it in the looks department.
Howdy from up north.....Amarillo way :cool::D


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