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TH350 and Ford 8" rear


I've got a TH 350 trans that needs refreshing and a Ford 8" rear end that needs rebuilding.

Anyone that can steer me to some good instructional would be greatly appreciated.

When I use an 8" rear end I pull the carrier and look at the wear pattern on the ring gear. All of the ones I've checked have acceptable. The next thing is the pinion bearing. If it has excessive play, then replace it. The pinion and axle seals always seem to have leaks, so I always replace them along with the axle bearings.

I have a friend who rebuilds tranys so he gets the nod when it's time to do that.

You can use either a Ford or a Chevy drive shaft. Most of the m use the same U-joint. I have run across a couple of rears that took a slightly larger Joint. If you have one of those, NAPA sells a joint with two sizes of cups.

NAPA has it all. If not in stock there soon.

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