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Thanks Brian

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Alabama Mike

New Member
I wanted to publicly thank Brian over at Total for helping me out last week. I did not get a Manufacturers Statement of Origin when I ordered my Bucket. I sent Brian an e-mail last Wednesday asking about it and it was in my mailbox on Saturday. (If only my progress on my T-Bucket was that fast!)

Anyway, you read a lot about bad customer service, but rarely about good customer service and I wanted to give Brian and Total a shout.
yeah have to agree totally.everyone is real quick to bag bad service but if more people commented on good,helpful service,more and more people will go to them.Word of mouth is a wonderful thing:thumbsup:
I'll agree Good service will keep a company going strong.Brian has always been helpfull and good to deal with.
I'm sure others places may be also but i have no experience with them.
TOTALLY agree :D, even though I'm across the pond, Brian was real helpful with technical advice and helped me when I ordered some parts.
When I started building my T, Brian was more than helpful and I called a LOT. They must not have "caller I.D." because they answered the phone everytime I called.:D
I agree when i was adding my front brakes i called alot,they walked us thought it. :biggrin: THANKS
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