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the other RPM

Hey Ron,
Are you familiar with the other RPM? Its redline performance machine. I believe they are in arizona. I used to race four wheelers (atv's) and they build the strongest axle. I run their axles and bearing carriers in my quad. They seem to have the same philosophy as you. They over-engineer everything. I once called to order something and my salesman was out behind the shop doing a 100 foot double jump trying to break a new product! I still have some of there stickers, they just say rpm on them. I think ill put one on my gas tank. :biggrin:
How about THIS RPM?


That was MY license plate back in 1998, 1999, and 2000.



1999 Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Champion. I was there to watch him win the blue ribbon.

Phenomenal Canter this horse had... it was slow motion, like riding a carousel.

I have a video of the event and would like to get it converted to DVD somehow.

Tennessee Walking horse - RPM #913503 home page by Walkers West
I know, i was just asking if you were aware of them. They are a great company as are you. I was googling rpm to find your website and came up with them first. Their website is Just letting you know in case anybody ever gets you guys confused.

Ill take a set of those headlight stands. You can add them to my order. In black also if you dont mind. You can throw them in the box with the tank right?

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