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Those of you with sharp eyes may have already noticed this in the Navigation modules of the portal page and the home page. But for those that have not yet seen it -

There is now a T-Bucketeer Blog set up to keep members and guest apprised of what is happening on the T-Bucket Forums.

Be sure to bookmark this new blog site, as we will be using it to announce forum news, upgrades and to make general comments about the state of the forum.

The blog site will allow registered members to log in and post comments to blog entries, so if you are interested in that, you will need to register in the Meta module.

Hopefully, this will allow us to present forum news to you in a format that will not get covered up in the thread stacks on the forum itself.
It's cool to know this place is getting so crowded that things may get lost! WOW, what a difference a few months made.:D
The weekly forum statistics are now posted on the T-Bucketeers Forum Blog.

We're trying to update this information each Sunday morning, to provide a quick snapshot of what has been happening on the forums over the previous week.

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