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The T in my head, thoughts?

Myyk posts on fb: "Grafting the lower apron section of a replacement aftermarket '32 Ford grill to the exisiting painted top section. Taking out another 3" of the already 4" sectioned "lo-boy" grill. Making this grill 7" shorter then a stock '32 Ford. Also needed to take 3" out of the grill insert."

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Update from Mykk from fb:

Recently cracked a timing cover, in my attempts to reduce supercharger belt slip I tightened the belt up to a High E. The belt tensioner bolts to the timing cover took the brunt of the stress until it couldn't anymore.
Needed to remove the supercharger to unbolt its mount that is on the timing cover.
Replaced the timing cover, retimed the cams, stripped and painted the valve covers in wrinkle black.
Fired it up, the timing cover didnt seal.
Removed the supercharger & mount again, removed the timing cover. Cleaned it up. Went to the parts house and picked up some extra thick gasket material, made a timing cover gasket.
Snotted it all up in Right Stuff. Bolted it all back together.
While the RTV was curing I focused on moving forward on the sectioned grill, welding the dzus tabs as lower mounts.
Still more work to do until it's fully back together.

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The engine grows when it gets hot. Are you using a toothed belt? If the belt is too tight it will run off the idler even with the guides. I ran about 1/2” of slack on my car with a 2” belt. Don’t know if it will be different with the 3” belt.
My 3" belt is supposed to have 3/4" deflection in either direction (1 1/2" total) when cold, but that is also a cogged belt. Also, aluminum case blowers do grow quite a bit when they get hot.
Thanks for the info. I had my belt to tight and it rode up on the flange of the idler and destroyed the belt and locked up the rioters. Still drove but quite a power difference !
Our friend, Mykk, posts these photos on fb of him & his sweetie out for a cruise in his cool BMW V-8 powered bucket. Look back in this thread for some of his build pics.


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He is running slick on the street, hope it doesn't rain !!!
Back in my road racing days we were at Charlott motor speedway and it started raining. We were going as fast as we could and the stands had drains that ran down the track and when you ran over them it was like a speed bump! Not applicable for the street but it was a fun memory for me. My car used 1550x15 Indy tires so mine wern’t to bad. It would still hydroplane at lower speeds.
When I lived in Reno, NV., I had put slicks on my 64 SS. A couple of days later it snowed enough to cover the streets. I drove home after work on slick streets. It was an exciting ride home.
This can happen on a wet road even with treaded tires. T-buckets & rain don't mix well . . .

(My motto: if it rains, park it!)


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Mykk posts on fb: "A spun rod bearing has prompted the assembly and R&R of the spare engine. Slight differences between them but the same displacement. A presumed 3 day project, looking to take a bit longer now as parts and ideas are changing along the way. It's a different engine assembly. I have a couple spares, these engines don't have much value so I pick them up for a couple hundred bucks and have them for spare parts and assemblies when needed.


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