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The Transilvaina T

Red River Jack

New Member
Well here it is i finished the headers
and made a card board pattern for the top
i did some figuring and couldnt come up
how to lower it just build a new frame.
The tank and battery are in the front of
the box, as it is gives the room i need.
The top will be marine ply,wood fiberglass
then some kind of materal covering,,,Halloween
is gona be fun this year!
Jack, you need to find a cross to put on the top of the radiator shell and "R.I.P." on the front of the shell....Like a tombstone.

:think: Maybe some personalized plates that say "LAST RIDE" :think:
Francis Blake said:
I have heard of people wanting to be buried in their car:ciao::boohoo:...Francis

And this way he can drive himself to the occasion. :rock: :dance:
Jack, I'm glad you have sense of humor about it.
A man riding in a coffin has to have a good sence of humor. Jack imo it looks good at that hight fits the sceme. Is it titled, and if it is did you have any problems with the dmv. :cool:.. Francis
Grampa Munster would be proud!

I love the exhaust on this thing!

I think the guy that did that one user name is
Dragula Builder sorry if i,m wrong but he had to
sell it ? here is his work i got the idea of my frame
from him . It,s the movie version Munster go home
he did a great job i think
I wonder if my motherinlaw will fit in there.

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