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This is completely off topic- Ventral Hernia


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Have anyone here dealt with a ventral hernia? I have (or had one) and am still dealing with it.

Months ago I went to my doctor with a large bulge protruding from my abdomen approximately 2 inches above my naval. I got to a surgeon and on January 9 2009 I had laproscopic surgery to repair it.

The surgery seemed to go great, minor aches and pains but I paid no mind to it because healing hurts.

Now nearly a month out from surgery, the lump is back and at the same location.

I returned to my surgeon and he told me that it's swelling and scaring from the surgery... "Everything is fine."

Prior to my surgery, I was under the impression that my belly would be lump free...

My belly is not lump free and I am concerned and curious. Has anyone here had such a procedure done and what was the outcome.

I'm thinking Doctors (at least mine) are a bit like lawyers... Ya just can't get a straight answer from them.

Good Luck to you. I've got some kind of umbelical hernia thing Dr.s don't seem too worried about but IT bulges.
If there is even the smallest chance that you feel something isn't right I would suggest getting a second opinion. It will either put your mind at ease or give you the knowledge to help you make an informed decision on getting it corrected.

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