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This shouldn't take long


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I'm getting ready to make a pretty major change to the forum's in a couple of minutes. Things may look and act oddly for a bit, but I'll try to keep things to a minimum. Just bear with me...
I think we're finished. For the time being.

We just installed a new script, vBSEO, on the site that should help improve traffic over the next few months. The script we were using served its purpose well, but it was tapped out. The new script is designed to optimize the forum content for the search engines, which will help search engine positioning and thereby help bring more visitors to the forums.

There are some changes that are visual. Some you will notice immediately, some are far more subtle. The majority of the changes are taking place out of sight, but they are just as important to the entire package.

This script was 100% funded by the members that have made PayPal donations to this site.

We'll now be tracking several metrics on the T-Bucket Forums Blog that we have not previously tracked, so be sure to keep an eye on the statistics reports made there. Just as many of the changes to the forum have been subtle, some of the positive impact of the changes will be just as subtle.

Apologies for the brief disruption, earlier this morning.

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